What is UnlimitedWebHoster.com

UnlimitedWebHoster.com is a service website from Indonesia engaged in the services of webhosting, we offer products hosting cheap, quality, tough and importantly we prioritize unmetered as well as unlimited.

When is the establishment UnlimitedWebHoster.com?

UnlimitedWebHoster.com was established on 25 November 2012 and already 2 years we stood with our vision and mission ie providing cheap Unlimited Hosting has a lot of hosting options Indonesia (IIX) and the cheapest USA stable and fast.

Does the Real location UnlimitedWebHoster.com have a server?

We do not yet have servers in our real location, but due to connection limitations, we do not provide hosting in our real location.

Current specifications and Data center UnlimitedWebHoster.com?

Spesifikasi dan Data center Shared Hosting IIX :
Processor : AMD Phenom II x6 1090T
RAM : 8 Gb DDR3
Koneksi : IIX 100 MBPS CONNECTION (No Shared) & IX 1 MBPS CONNECTION (No Shared)
Backup : Seminggu Sekali
Lokasi : Gedung Tifa, Jakarta - Indonesia

Spesifikasi dan Data center Shared Hosting USA :
Processor : Intel Xeon , Quad/Dual Quad Core Processors
RAM : 32 GB
Koneksi : 1000 Mbps uplink 3 layer security
Backup : Seminggu Sekali
Lokasi : Missouri / Pennsylvania, United States

Data center VPS USA :
Lokasi : Buffalo, New York, United States